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Hotels in Kairouan; Discover Kairouan – Explore the Beauty of Kairouan: Discover our Products

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Discover Kairouan: An Invitation to Charm

1. The Medina of Kairouan

The medina of Kairouan, authentic and preserved, is one of the most atmospheric in Tunisia. Its narrow streets offer a glimpse of the Arab empires. Unlike the embellished old towns of Hammamet and Djerba, the medina of Kairouan is authentic. Wandering its lanes is at the top of most visitors' to-do list. The colorful streets lined with houses with peeling facades are attractions in themselves. Take the time to get lost in this architectural labyrinth.

2. The Great Mosque

The Great Mosque of Kairouan, located in the northeast corner of the medina, is one of the major points of interest. Its immense minaret is integrated into the city walls. It is the oldest and most important Islamic building in North Africa. Built by Uqba ibn Nafi, the Arab commander who founded Kairouan in 672 CE, it inspired many other mosques in Tunisia. The mosque covers a gigantic area of ​​135 meters long by 80 meters wide, with a vast interior courtyard surrounded by double aisle colonnades. Although non-Muslims cannot enter the prayer room, the doors are often open, allowing you to peek in.

3. Crafts and Souks

Kairouan is also a major shopping destination and is famous for the quality of its carpet, natural honey , olive oil etc…. After admiring the minarets of the mosques and the superb tiles, head to the souks to negotiate with the city's many artisans. There you will find rugs, ceramics, jewelry and much more.

4. Excursion to El Jem

Take advantage of your stay in Kairouan to make an excursion to El Jem, where you can visit the impressive Roman amphitheater.

5. Hotels in Kairouan

For visitors, here are some hotels in Kairouan:

  • Hotel Continental Kairouan
  • Hotel Kasbah Kairouan
  • Hotel Amina Kairouan

Feel free to explore more of this fascinating city and share its wonders with your visitors. Kairouan awaits you with its historical treasures and warm hospitality! 🌟

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